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Maja Skjøth Hegelund

I am a Danish video artist living and working in Copenhagen. I have screened and exhibited work in the United Kingdom, Germany, California, Austria, Spain, and several other countries.

My work explores the highs and lows of digital culture, online lives, and commercial culture. I respond to heavily saturated visual landscapes and exposure to mass media and remain ambiguous in my approach to denoting that exposure. My motivation comes from an affiliated excitement, attraction, and disgust with popular culture.

I rely on the belief that personal impulses are a product of unconscious assimilation and create an endless catalog based on exposure, consumption, and relationship with alleged superficiality.
As a result of my design background and heavy exposure to commercials, I am interested in deciphering corporate advertising strategies and branding. I do not discard many (if any) ideas and concepts I am exposed to through mass media, such as music jingles, TV drama dialogues,
billboards, and spam box content. Rather than deem them unimportant, I become obsessed with their ability to make promises and glorify whatever they see fit.

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