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Envision X-ray vision and something you could not see with human eyes. Falsified steps to HD. A superior version of reality as more real than before claims control of the space/person/object it replicates and makes it its own. The steadiness of human hands, the lines that subtly build on top of each other to intricately replicate what's in front of you, makes any flatness inferior and exacerbates the romanticized process-centric creator. With the objective of the highly defined to become more defined, the razor-sharp perfection feels like a termination that's supposed to be a beginning. And you become a detectable. A scannable. A superior version of reality. 


The possibility that the scan may not function is less important than the fact that I scan. The simplicity of the tool, the potential complexities of its abilities nurture the illusion co-existing beauty and analysis. The temporary sentiment of purpose at last is a salvation dungeon. Whatever foundation carries the lust for code domination and algorithmic maneuvering is solid for a reason. Edit me. It's easy. You are fleeing for a reason. 

Traces, belongings, documented experiences will prove whether you are a potential candidate. Homeland security will ask you questions about agriculture and confuse you to the point where you no longer know if you're a victim, a suspect or guilty. Forced to hide and conceal at your most beautiful. An abstract scan detects surface levels and reduces its subject to a set of informations. Gut feeling has been outsourced to something seemingly closer to an algorithm and so something to trust and blame for potential mistakes. I am pathetically human, sensitivity builds a prison. I believe that any step towards a higher defined set of guidelines will make my life easy and increase trust. The attempted dominance of the highly defined does not negotiate. The higher defined is the future divine and any lesser defined an inferior thrill. The destination is another place to stand still and realize that you are you and you can't escape you. Your traces are ultimately insignificant corporate discolorations.


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