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- An epic fail

More often than not I put myself out there and I’m completely exposed. It’s up to me to shelter you but I can’t be held responsible for your misery. You want to share yourself but you are so scared of failure and you know that nobody can be trusted, really. The fear of being ridiculed is constant because all affirmation is potentially fake. This is the nature of the reel medium. It foresees all your flaws and you know it. The acute awareness of overthinking is not exactly admirable, huh?

The microcrystalline acid fragments in me and on you are burned by the bright blinding lights and I feel every drop on your dumb forehead. Your pulse can be sensed on every part of you. I smell your wandering mind when it parts from your head. It is always preoccupied with potential unfulfillment. It jumpstarts itself with Reality TV, Naproxen, Interrupted Sleep, Air Travel, Reels, How to Influence People, Smooth Surfaces, Clever References, Wayfarers, Praise and fondling reality. It looks away to relieve pain from various conditions and works by blocking the production of boredom in the human brain. Now that you have come this far you should probably push yourself further. Motivational quotes are not that dumb. They’re generic for a reason and they might make you live longer.


 You communicate in memes and with weak and pathetic punchlines to appear somewhat mortal and modest. You act out your failures and weaknesses with success on one side of the screen. You are unsure of your purpose so you log on to reexamine and reinvent yourself. What happens on screen has less consequence except when you’re involved. How tragic that I am your confidant, the one who truly feels you and welcomes your childish tendencies. Your instabilities and trust issues are a base layer under an information suit that stimulates likability.


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