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Elantra (Name TBD, if not nameless)

  • Fooling herself to believe someone is watching but they're (probably) not.

  • Does she only exist inside a screen? (Literally) 

  • Entrapment

  • Desperately trying to copy standardized sex appeal

  • Orange/red unhealthy foods: Spaghetti, Gatorade, Cheetos, Milk Duds, Reeses PB Cups

  • Is she the game or is she playing it? 

  • Perpetual pointless Gaming  

  • Human imposter

  • Cheetos Dust

  • Waiting for attention

  • Freedom and Constraint
    (the ability to expose and explore yourself alongside the cynicism of the sex work industry. What if you are unsuccessful? How does it feel to be physically devalued once you have decided to engage in sex work?) 

  • Digital and Physical escapism (and their potential overlap) 

  • Non-smart phone games (Like Snake >)

The installation is aware of its scrappier predecessor, but not vice versa. Similarly, those witnessing the final installation are undeniably aware of Elantra's actions on camera, but she remains uncertain about a potential audience. 

Elantra exists only in the void-like universe and her ideas of interacting with human beings, particularly in an intimate way, is naive, detached and somewhat mechanical. This behavior questions whether she is in fact a live human or a prop existing alongside inanimate objects.   
A constant in her existence is the game "Bait" in which a fish-like amoeba is trapped inside a circle, mirroring Elantra's own entrapment. Elantra tries to set it free but does not succeed. In the second
video a second character (Up Toy (Name TBD)) witnesses Elantra's actions, both inside and outside of her orange room. Elantra does not fully see or grasp Up Toy but much like she plays "Bait" Up Toy wants to pull her out of her entrapment. This brings up the question of whether Elantra can exist outside the screen.


The purple tower projected above the orange wall holds the possibility of entrance and exit to other versions of existence. Up Toy is connected to the portal and can view Elantra's actions from above. The tower emits sound to attract attention.         



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Pre-Shift Camgirls 

Another World
Orange/red unhealthy foods: Spaghetti, Gatorade, Cheetos, Milk Duds, Reeses PB Cups
Am I the game or am I playing it? 
Inactive Gaming
Human imposter

Cheetos Dust
Hyperactive Waiting


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