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I love the idea of
ich bin lord
something like that
do you need a warning?
in terms of airports?
do we ever get warnings?
if we see a crisis in a cloud or something
i use flow
that is kind of like jewelry thinking
you can be yourself

you sound like a coersive person
technology changes
photography is like folic acid
that’s why I work with war files
that’s not true
you crash the environment
a lightning or whatever
then use it for a pool

speed or static or whatever
my daughter describes it
with lightly tele-centric figures
the joy you have to know


it’s hearts that i heal
bottles and beings
the dream would be to open
destroy the pain for your pain
i wouldn’t mind 1000s and 1000s of pains
100s of threats
obviously i fantasize
i always loved your freckle
i’m just such a big gentleman
there’s a current that will do that
it’s based on fish tanks
and non-linear space
to say that you’ve unloaded the facts
maybe that’s just the way you would die
i’m trying to manipulate
if you’re interested in your stomach
i have database existence
i photograph my sinistry
no system, just leading people on
that’s the strategy that works
there are tons of assets of forcing
phantoms don’t exist
spin the features
this is the virtual feedback that i have
i love technology and people
it’s very user friendly
some kind of scrutiny at Ashley’s grave stone
i wanna go sit in some gel maybe
spin the features between you and i
I really don’t
you want a product?


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